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The Hotel Alux is located in downtown Cancun , just a block from the main bus station. The airport is only a 25 minutes taxi ride away.

From the airport – follow the directions to leave the airport, immediately after the overpass bridge, exit to the right and continue on the Federal Highway 307 to the north. As you approach the city this highway changes name to Luis D. Colosio Boulevard and then as you enter the city it changes names again to Avenida Tulum. Continue on Avenida Tulum until you arrive at Avenida Uxmal (you can see the main bus station at the roundabout). Enter the roundabout (glorieta) to the right, go around and turn right on Avenida Uxmal (with the bus station on your right). Continue 120 meters to Calle Laurel. The Hotel Alux Cancun is on the corner of Calle Laurel and Avenida Uxmal.

From the bus station – as you exit the bus station, walk 120 meters to your left until you arrive to Avenida Uxmal. Turn right and walk less than 100 meters to your right. The Hotel Alux Cancun is on your right, on the corner of Calle Laurel and Avenida Uxmal.

From Mérida – approach the city on Avenida Jose Lopez Portillo and continue until Avenida Uxmal. Turn right on Avenida Uxmal. Continue on Avenida Uxmal as you cross Avenida Chichen Itza and Avenida Yaxchilan continue 100 meters and the hotel will be left, on the corner of Calle Laurel and Avenida Uxmal.

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